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President, Chief Technology Officer

Jerry Schloemer is a visionary inventor who graduated from Stanford with an Electrical Engineering degree and began his career working at Admiral Radio where he consulted with experts from the Pentagon creating radar mapping systems.  He spent time in the research department and the defense division at Motorola. He led a group of engineers in the design and fabrication of a system that included a store and forward computer, which became known as the router and ultimately led to the smartphone. Mr. Schloemer became an avid inventor of disruptive technology, selling his first patented idea to Ericsson which subsequently became a cornerstone of the GSM Standard.  He also was one of the first to invent a free form terrestrial mesh radio system.  After the success of this patented ‘2 dimensional’ radio mesh system which had close arbitrarily spaced, stationary terrestrial nodes, Mr. Schloemer conceived the StarMesh Global™ ‘3 dimensional’ free-forming multi-link communication system with hundreds of moving nodes (satellites and/or drones) potentially thousands of miles apart.

Vice President, COO & General Counsel

David Quinlan, Esq. brings decades of experience in patent procurement and licensing to StarMesh Global. He has successfully prosecuted thousands of U.S. and foreign patent applications. Patents bearing his name as prosecuting attorney have generated millions of dollars in revenue. Starting with a degree in aerospace engineering and experience in aircraft and jet engine design, he obtained a law degree from Georgetown University. His background includes partnership in a major NYC IP law firm, and he is a licensed New Jersey and New York attorney.  He has spent his patent legal career working in myriad technologies, many of critical relevance to StarMesh Global, including cellular telephony, software and firmware, chip design, artificial intelligence, aerospace, and mesh communication systems. .

Vice President, Finance & Business Development

Charles Chamberlain has over 20 years of experience in asset monetization, finance and investments. He has led, structured or advised on over $125 million dollars in transactions and for eight straight years (2015 to 2022) has been included in the “IAM Strategy 300” list of the World’s Leading IP Strategists. He has provided leadership and strategic direction and execution in the areas of finance; IP-backed start-ups; and development of patent monetization projects through strategic transactions, patent enforcement campaigns, and arms-length negotiations. He spent three years in pre-medical studies at Louisiana State University before moving on to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance, with a focus on international business, graduating summa cum laude from Georgia State University.

Johns Creek, Georgia    |     Princeton, New Jersey     |     Round Lake, Illinois

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